• Cheri Quayle Wetmore

Join us for our one-day Women's Workshop!

Join Heather Steele and Cheri Quayle Wetmore, in a one-day workshop focused on creating change and making a difference in your life and the lives you touch every day.

By being bold enough to step into your truth, you can set intentions for living a purpose-driven, empowered life. Through connection with other women, and the tools provided, you will learn how to create support systems that keep you on the path to self-empowerment. This retreat takes place at the beautiful Emerald Event Center in Avon, Ohio and includes personal development curriculum, group work, and one on one coaching.

Heather Steele is the Founder of Holistic, Integrative Coaching and Owner of Legacy Training Institute, Denver, Colorado. Cheri Quayle Wetmore is a Legacy Graduate and Career & Life Coach, residing in Cleveland, Ohio.

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