Flooding Sunday

A rude awakening to the sounds of Lin banging and clashing around downstairs, then rushing upstairs to collect a handful of towels and heading back down to the kitchen whilst muttering something about the washing machine had flooded the kitchen. Closely followed by a “don’t rush will you” comment. I thought I better take a look.

Self draining filter

Indeed the kitchen floor was soaking wet and the towels were doing little to stem the flow of water from the washing machine filter. Lin had removed the fascia plate from the bottom of the machine and I found that the filter was somehow loose, so first job was to stop the flow of water out of the filter plug. As I turned the plug, I heard a dull thud inside, that I immediately thought to myself was a pound coin. Well, since most of the water had drained out already, best to finish the job off properly.

I fully unscrewed the filter plug and the rattling sound stopped, but the remainder of the drain water flowed out onto the waiting towels. I looked inside the filter unit and couldn’t see anything, but there had been no mistaking the sound I’d heard earlier. Checking around the inside of the filter housing with my finger, there was the feed tube off to the right, and there is where I found the cause of the blockage. It was indeed a pound coin… bonus. Reasonably sure that the blockage had been cleared I replaced the filter plug tightly, so as to avoid any potential future leaks, and starting mopping up the residual water from the floor with the towels.

Bonus cash

Removing my damp coat from the washer, I placed the soaking wet towels straight into the drum of the washing machine, but then I noticed something under the towels. A twenty pence piece, a bit rusty looking, but under the towels. “that’s from the washer” said Lin. “…then how did it get on the floor” I asked, “since it didn’t leak out of the machine”. Lin went quiet for a moment, and I continued to clear up the flood with yet more soaking wet towels going into the washing machine. Set the washing machine on again, all ran smoothly with not a single sign of a leak from the filter unit, although now there was two loads of washing to do, the towels used to mop up the flood first, and then there was still my jacket.

The snow outside had really started to melt and it was like a spring day out there. Just as well, since Lin needed to go to her fathers to sort him out for the day. Meanwhile, I got the fire back to life with the poker, a little kindling and some fresh smokeless fuel. It soon took light as there was still a few red hot embers in the base of the fire. That left me to spend a bit of time working on the page loading speed of my blog, and a few other issues highlighted by the tools at Pingdom. Think I pretty much got that nailed now, and hopefully the traffic should come flooding in.

Flash flood

The first load of washing had finished by now, so I checked for signs of a flood, although I knew what the cause had been really. Emptying the towels out of the machine, I placed my coat and gloves in the machine to get that bird mess washed off, which was what had caused all this in the first place. Setting the machine on a low temperature and selecting the right program (I think) I spread the towels on the maiden beside the stove to get them dried.

Meanwhile, the spring weather turned to heavy rain which washed away pretty much all of the snow around and about us fairly quickly. Nothing too heavy, but enough so that not much snow remained, and flowed away down the hill. Elsewhere in the country the melt waters were causing serious disruptions with flooding being reported on the news in areas of Wales and the like. Hoping Hebden Bridge has managed to escape this time around, three times in one year is more than enough for anyone.

Calderdale has had more than it’s fair share of flood water this year, around what should have been Summer time. So if the snow has melted all at once as it appears to have, that could leave Todmorden and Hebden Bridge with more mopping up to do. These are typical Yorkshire stone built town centres built around the river because it was a good clean source of plentiful water, but this last year the water has been too plentiful. If the melt water has cascaded down the valley sides as rapidly as it did around here, then I fear the worst for them again. No amount of Environment Agency endorsed snowmen would stem that sort of flood.

Summary: Flood galore

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